Tuesday, 3 March 2009

February round-up

Yeah, yeah. It's a bit late but it's tough!!

Super social events (somewhat suffering due to credit crunch):
1. Pals & pancakes
2. Fourteen Corners (gig)
3. Ladies what Lunch at Interlude Tea Rooms
4. The Tempus (gig but it was more pub fun than anything)

Movies I watched:
1. Blades of Glory (again, because I was ill)
2. The Big Lebowski
3. The Anchor Man
4. He's just not that into you (turns out he's not... kidding, I hate boys today)

Disappointment of the month: I took a few days of work but got really sick. This also meant I missed the Cribs gig I was really looking forward to :(
Crafting highlight of the month: University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair. I did well :)
Downer of the month: being single on Valentine's Day. I don't usually mind being single too much, but on 14th February, it's whack
Point worth noting but not sure what to label it as: I had a date. It was good. But boys confuse me and make me anxious

Focus for next month:
1)To get lots more lockets made, and to try out a new idea developing from the comic pendants. Yay :)
2) To stay happy. I must keep in mind all the time that you make yourself happy, and if something's not right, I must change it, no matter how much I think I might want it. Cryptic I know! Grr it's not easy.
3) To get a cool hair cut



Pippa said...

What a confusing month - so many ups and downs! Would you do a custom order of one of those comic pendants? Email me! x

twinklyspangle said...

ick boys are gross and have smelly socks anyway. You should get a kitten, thats where the real love is <3

Hope things get better!!

KitschenSink said...

I'd love to but live in a top floor flat... and am allergic to cats :(

mamutopia said...

I think I'll join you in getting a cool hair cut! My hair is sooo boring right now :)