Sunday, 22 March 2009

KiTsCh CaMeO ApPEaRaNcE - now on sale!

I have been a busy bee this weekend! Don't know how I am fitting everything in to be honest!
The cameos I cast last week are now on sale as brooches. I hope they will be pendants soon too. Perhaps even bracelets.

I'm working flat out to get plenty of inventory for up coming sales. I;d like to also get ahead as I am thinking of doing a big market in Leeds in the Summer. I also need to get some stock to Projeto Gallery. I am loving it though.
Hope you busy weekend is as productive as mine. Or not... however you like it!


Erin said...

You're a genius!!! I love cameos for all they're worth, and I have never once thought of them in any other colours. These are way cool. I am totally diggin' bright colours - oranges and greens. you go girl!

Magic Alice said...

Cant wait for mine to arrive!!