Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another nice surprise from Premier Packaging

I've been featured by Premier Packaging in their article 'Packing the Story of your Business'. There's some great tips and ideas in there for how to make packaging work for you. Check it out.

They had seen my Flickr and commented on my gift wrapping service idea '...the box itself is a piece of art...'

Read the full article here

Gift boxing service - advice needed?

What's the coolest or craziest idea for packaging you have ever come across?



Anonymous said...

I love making boxes - all my friends get 'themed' boxes with their birthday gifts like...for the bunny pendant I make a little garden box.
I make little gift cards and illustrated envelopes with real ribbon bows on them for shop stuff...I guess it's a little bit weird but people seem to really like them so far!

YOUR boxes are amazing :)

KitschenSink said...

I think the packaging is as important as the product for shop stuff... yours sounds really fun!