Monday, 23 March 2009

New additions and a 'spot' of narcissism

I decided to keep the long necklaces I blogged here as they were (for now), but thought that the photography should include a little human aspect. So I got myself glammed up and gave myself a photo shoot. Problem was, I had a bit of a spot on my chest (this only ever happens when I have a boy to kiss. All other times I am spot free... weird). Thankfully, I had a play in Adobe Photoshop Elements (don't have full version because I have no idea how to use it). There is actually a 'spot healing' tool! Shame it's only virtual! Here's one result:

You see, not so narcissistic I don't know how to have a little fun with myself...

I did tashes on most of the photos... but then when I uploaded them to Folksy my eyes were cropped off the photos so the tashes weren't really necessary... I went for a leopard skin dress to bring out the wild thing... OK I am embarrassed for myself now...

Also, can you help with this? I like how I got the colour on the next one, but I have no idea how I did it. I like how my skin is green but my lips stayed red. Any ideas?? I did it in simple Microsoft Picture Manager.

WiLd tHiNg - I tHiNk I ♥ U! NeCkLaCe #2

I've just come back from tapas with my parents and aunt and uncle. I'm stuffed and starting a weight loss regime for tomorrow. Hoping to go to Turkey in Summer!


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