Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wipe out

Woah... I am in grave danger of burn out. It's been a manic week. I am working to the deadline of a craft fair this Friday, the one at work. It's kinda worse because everyone sort of gets to peer inside your personal life, which they wouldn't normally get to do. I keep my private life and work life as seperate as I possibly can.

I also have the deadline of some family going away and want to get my designing and making room ready ASAP so there is also room for a guest futon in there.

So now I have my price signs ready, 'story of my brand' sign, I have mocked up a layout in the front room of the stall. I have decided to just put one of each thing out and get the surplus stock bagged up, so all that's done.

Over the weekend I'll upload some photos of the stall so check back! I'll also photograph the packaging etc I have gone for. It all matters. I made some business cards too but there is no colour on them, I'll improve them for next time.

I'd love to go to this 'Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School', of course it's in London though. I wish there was more going off like that up here... ah well, it could be worse...
I used to live in Scarborough :-S

I'd have liked to put some photo's up... but I'm far too tired! I promise the next will be more visual!

Hearts x

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Elisabeth Braun said...

Hi there! Elisabeth from the Staff Festival here (East Asian Studies). I must say that I really liked the 'peeping inside people's lives' bit as seeing the art work that colleauges do makes these 'boring work people' so much less two dimensional. Or what do you say?=)

Your work is great and I hope you sold a fair bit this afternoon.