Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Score! Wahoooooooooooooo yip yip

I have been made a featured seller on Folksy!!

Folksy is a new site for UK makers, crafters and artisits to sell their wares. It's really exciting and nice to be able to sell in £. Currently it's in the BETA stage so they are listening good to everything we request which is really nice, and it's good to be part of something being built.

I only listed a few, and then today I got a personal email from an admin guy saying he had made me a featured seller -woohoo!! Here is the featured sellers bit. Think I am at the bottom because I am the newest. I will now appear on the front page with a shop view and a description etc (alternately with the others), plus as people browse I will come up every now again on the left with a mini shop view... I have been described as 'bonkers, beautiful'. I think I like it!

Here are my moment(s) of fame on the front page:

My next mission... rule the world! MWahahahahah xo


Tizzalicious said...

That is really awesome! Congrats!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Hey that site looks nice!! congrats!!