Monday, 15 September 2008

qUiCk RaNt :-/

Flickr or whatever it's called, that's another place people seem to be doing their thing. Oh man I need to take another week off work to get my head around these places.

Just wanted to make a point, I am going to have to fill you in on Saltaire Festival tomorrow - I took some photos on my phone (so they won't be cracking) but I have no means of teleporting them into the poota, so I'll steal my mums wire tomorrow and then tell you all about it. Keep some space open in your diary for the weekend cos I promise you, you'll want to go.

So I had a play with some stuff last night. I got some epoxy resin to try, I had played with polyester resin a few times before but didn't like the results or the side effects. I had got these awesome skull and crossbones moulds. Trying to de-mold those tinkers made me perspire excessively. I know. And still they were quite, well, chewy. Practice makes perfect I guess. I have seen some great work in resin and it's my turn now!

I am tired and cranky because it was my first day back at work today after a week off and I have loads to do. I wish I could just craft day in, day out... my mum said I can when I have married a rich fella. Anyone know of any going spare [they also have to be skinny and nice. I'd quite like to love them as well as spend their money. Pah what I am on about I'm too busy for boys].

Hearts... xo


Paisley Chainsaw said...

I use flickr :-) I have also used resin, have you checked out the resin obsession blog as she is very helpful with resin and she sells lots of molds too!

Paper Girl Productions said...

I love Flickr!!

Lenox Knits said...

I really got into Flickr for awhile but saw no increase in traffic from it. I started blogging and using the social network club We Love Etsy and I've gotten an increase in hearts from them but no sales directly yet.

I think you just have to find the networks that are most fun for you and go with it. There is always the next big thing that everyone is buzzing about on Etsy.