Friday, 19 September 2008

Schmoozie... and some advice please?

So last night a friend and I went to the big launch night of Artsmix @ the Loft . I had lots of questions ready to ask them. When we got there we were directed to get a drink upstairs, have a mingle, and then we'd get a tour.

A few wines from the free bar and a dip under the chocolate fountain (and a few mini workshire puddings) and we're wondering when this tour starts... it didn't seem to happen but there was some information out. We just enjoyed the drinks and a mingle!! So thanks Artsmix, and we'll I'll be back to you with the questions and look forward to applying for a stall!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Big Cartel or any other similar product: a website that allows you to open an account which gives you a shop (so in that way like etsy/folksy), and sell your wares WITHOUT the customer having to join as a member to that site.

Personally, I am trying to target buyers who want something unique but don't necessarily seem themselves as a fan of craft (conjures images of free thinking, tree hugging, fair trade sandal wearers - which I have no problem with before anyone gets offended). Alot of my friends (possibly should class them as acquiantances) want to buy my wares, but don't want to have to join and think up passwords and usernames and all that jazz... if they could just browse and shop as they would from, say, I reckon my sales would increase.

So yeah... you know of Big Cartel? Or Mr Site? Can you recommend anything like this?


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Paisley Chainsaw said...

I have used both mrsite and big cartel. I am in the process of moving me mrsite into a website that I have intergrated with big cartel its been a massive headache but worth it, it should be live by monday woohoo. Bigcartel as a shopping basket is fantastic, discount codes, paypal and ease of use, mrsite is great for learning the ropes of websites, but I have outgrown it in 2 years. hope that is of some help?