Tuesday, 16 September 2008

SaLtAiRe ArTs TrAiL / fEsTiVaL / OpEn HoUsEs

Just down the canal from where I live is a sexy little village called Saltaire. It's called Saltaire cos the fella who arranged to have it built was called Titus SALT and it was built on the River Aire. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site which basically means it's pretty great and has to be preserved so you can't really go changing owt on the houses if you live there. It recently got given the title 'Most uniquely British Tourist Attraction' by some guy working for Best Western Hotels. So it was on GMTV and everything.

Victoria Road, Saltaire. Art shops and tea rooms and ting

The fittest church ever (and where I'll get married when someone good enough comes along)

If you click on any of the links above you'll get a good insite into the history, but the short of it is that Sir Salt built the nice village for the workers of his mill to live in, so they had nice houses close to work, and he built a concert hall and all that jazz for them too. Proper nice. No pub though - no hangovers at work!! (There is now one pub in the old village called 'Don't Tell Titus').

Salts Mill is now a funky place with a permanent exhibtion of Bradford-born world famous artist David Hockney and some gorgeous shops. It's well worth a day trip.

Anyway... from 11-21 September is Saltaire Festival. There is plenty going on... follow the link. I thik the best thing about the festival is Saltaire Arts Trail (known by some as 'Open Houses'). Dotted around the village, home owners open their front doors to the general public and showcase and sell pieces of art. It's such a great way to explore the village and open your eyes to emerging local talent.

I think this weekend there is a continental market... mmm chorizo...

Get yourself down :)

One last thing - the resin turned out OK actually. So... pretty soon I am going to make a proper effort and make somat reet nice.

Hearts xo

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