Friday, 29 August 2008

Quick update

This week has flown! I have spent most of it preparing items and other bits and pieces for the stall on Friday next week. Some of the time I have visited friends and so forth. It's been nice. I have some more time off in another week! Wow, I'd love to work from home!

My fingers are killing. I am hand sewing these purses at the minute, please buy one, then I can buy a sewing machine! They are made from actual comics so each one is different, the paper is toughened and coated in vinyl so it's moisture-proof. They have a contrasting felt lining and the zip is a 5" if that gives some perspective in terms of size.

Any comments please do!


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Elisabeth Braun said...

Ugh! Work from home? No way! Believe me, it ain't all it's cracked up to be. You're in the 'office' 24/7 and the stress is immense. I never realised it until I was kinda forced to do it when teaching at the Language Centre and having to do all my lesson prep from home (owing to lack of office/desk space etc). Grim isn't in it!

Glad the sales went well and I hope to have a stall myself next year.=)