Wednesday, 1 February 2012

That was January...

Good grief, it's flown by, but looking back to early January it seems such a long time ago. Maybe it's because I achieved a lot and had a lot of fun!

I went to two 30th birthday celebrations. One, a fancy dress party, and the other, a pamper party!

Keith Lemon and I at a 30th birthday bash

I filed my tax return. It was taxing, the man on the adverti lies to me every year.

I was featured on World of Kitsch blog, gaining me a little celeb order (as a gift for someone else...)

I booked ReetSweet Valentine Shopping Fair

I started to play with resin again!

I organised, with friend Abi of SewYou, a series of social media workshops for small businesses, we have called it 'Social Media Bootcamp', it will run through February, and it is fully booked!

I got accepted to Saltaire Arts Trail (taking place in May). It was judged by an independent panel, so I am really pleased.

♥  I was asked to write a guest blog in the summer for an event that I'm really passionate about!

I went to a baby shower. The baby still hasn't made an appearance!

My waters broke!

I wrote a blog post about tips for things to look for when stocking a shop.  It sparked mainly lots of positive feedback but also ruffled some feathers. I also had over ten-times more blog visits to the post than my average!

I was invited to sell at a big International Women's Day event in Leeds (taking placein March) so that should be fun!

I led a simple drop in workshop where we made bracelets from beads and laser-cut shapes at Bradford College. It was loads of fun!


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