Wednesday, 15 February 2012

FAQs: How do you write a good tag line?

 A 'tagline' (or 'slogan' as we called it a few years ago), is a sticky-memorable phrase that your customers will remember about who you are and what you do.  But how do you write a good one?

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This week's question has come directly from Leeds-based Chloe.

Here goes!:

♥ Don't use promotional words
Customers will see through your self-proclamation of being the 'best' at anything, so don't bother with any of that! Leave those words for your customers to use in feedback.

Consider calls to action
Marketeers love a 'call to action', so putting one in a tagline will give it to your customers over and over again...  Think about using doing words... 'Just do it'!

♥ What's your mission?
Chloe sells her own designs and other independent designers' work in her shop.  But what is the mission? To sell limited edition designs from UK based designers? To give first-class customer service? To provide accessories to a very specific sub-culture customer? 

♥ Remember school
Rhymes, alliteration, similies and such work really well, that's why we learnt it (and why you shoulda listened!).  Work your thesaurus app - it will come in handy! 

♥ Go with your gut
I think a lot of these things are accidental. I know mine was! Word play is like anything creative and some people just come up with good ideas, and some people have to work on them for a long time to craft something amazing. Do what works for you... and your customers!

Happy writing!

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