Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This was January

Did you notice I have had a little blog snooze? After the mania of December sales I thought I'd kick back and spend some time away from the desk!

This was some of January:
  • I watched Season 1 of Mad Men and five episodes of Season 2 whilst 
  • I made all the pendants for the new collection (yeees!)
  • I went bowling with a big bunch of friends and 
  • I had my first Nando's experience
  • I ate mainly Chinese food and battered fish butties but
  • I lost 8lbs!
  • I helped one of my bezzies choose colour schemes, themes and bridesmaid dresses (we try them on in February!)
  • I changed my lip piercing to a black stud. It looks ok but now I think I want blue!
  • I got artwork for a project that launches later in the year done and ready to roll
  • I bought a Barcelona guidebook! I fly out with two friends in March! I really can't wait to visit the old fashioned Tibidabo fun fair

  • I started to put plans in place for a bigger trip. To visit Kate P in Austin, Texas. YES!

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Knit and Destroy said... exciting!!! I want to go back there big time cos we didnt get to go on any rides. Have a go on the aeroplane for me. x x x