Thursday, 3 February 2011

Can every day be like this, please?

Ah... what a great day...

I had a lovely lie-in til 8am
Crumpets for breakfast and a home made orange and blueberry smoothie
All the supplies I needed for the day's workshops were ready for me at the Post Office (cutting it fine, as per)
I arrived in town early, so I tried on a couple of summer dresses and bought one in a slinkier size smaller than usual!
I spotted two magpies together, twice! Does that mean two dollops of good luck?
Local loon, Mad Mick, asked me 'How are you getting on?', and 'Have you got 50p?', to which I replied 'Ooft I don't carry that sort of cash around! It's dangerous for a girl on her own!'. To which he agreed.

I had a really great day running two jewellery making workshops with 70 ESOL students.  I can be quite intimidating when they're all speaking another language, and laughing... and you have no idea what they're laughing at! But they were very sweet, and very engaged in what they were making.  Here's a quick snap I took with my phone of some of the finished pieces:

A few finished pieces by the ESOL students

Had a free lunch (including millionaire's shortbread, a favourite treat!)

Popped into the BD1 and Impressions Gallery to see some of David Hockney's "Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm".  Two of my favourite things rolled into one! Here's a scene from Rapunzel (featuring my reflection):

David Hockney's Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm runs until 6 March 2011 at Bradford 1 Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford

Now I'm sitting all Carrie Bradshaw (you know - 'single and fabulous'?), writing about stuff I love to do for you to read

In a while I'm going to see my longest friend (not in centimeters) and her beautiful baby boy :')

Maybe if I'm not tired when I'm home I'll finish the new collection and pack up a set for the photographer



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Marthaamay O_o said...

I love this blog post!!! Full of <3's and lovely fun news!
Love the 50p joke! You are sooooo witty! :P