Friday, 25 February 2011

Meet the Stockist: Sick for Cute - Giveaway!

Our new monthly feature on the last Friday of every month will showcase stockist of independent makers, a little about them and their business, and their tips on how to approach shops in order to sell your work with them.

First up is Sick for Cute who have kindly offered to give a tote bag of the winners choice to a lucky entrant.

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♥ What’s your name and where do you come from??
My name is Lindsay and I run Sick for Cute along with my husband Tyler. We're currently located in sunny Southern California!
♥ How long have you been in the boutique business and what made you get started?
Sick for Cute has been open a little over three years now. We actually started off online under the name 'Kid Pirate' which was my own line of screen printed tees and accessories.

After a while we decided that we wanted to expand Kid Pirate into a more general shop and so Sick for Cute was born!

♥ What’s your shop like and what do you sell?
Sick for Cute is strictly online, for now anyway! We have an office and warehouse where we keep our inventory, do our shipping, work on new designs, and have fun! :) Our style is cute & quirky. It's really important to me to be able to offer cute apparel and accessories strictly to adults because I feel grown ups are deprived of so much cuteness when it comes to clothing options!!

♥ What’s your typical day like - the best bits and the worst bits?
A typical day is getting to work at about 8:30 am and taking care of customer service inquiries and emails. Then we pack orders for a couple hours a day and spend the rest either working on new designs, assembling products, sourcing new products, working on the website, chit chatting about ideas and plans, and a plethora of other boring little things like inventory and restocking boxes!

♥ What do you look for in handmade goods to sell?
I look for accessible, well made goods with a quirky edge. The items typically have to be remade easily.

♥ Do you actively seek new designers, or wait for them to come to you?
Both, but mostly if I'm interested in a designer I'll contact them right away.

♥ What’s your best seller?
The Hey Sailor Ladies Tee. It's a classic!

♥ How do you prefer a designer to approach you about selling their work? Any tips?
I prefer an email with a pdf catalog or something similar. They should at least send a price list, images or links to images, and their terms/conditions. Personally I wouldn't like it if a designer turned up with their work in their pocket because I'd feel put on the spot. I like to take my time to consider things before making a decision. [Please note that Sick For Cute are not currently seeking new designers].

♥ What sort of basis do you prefer to work with your designers - consignment or wholesale?
We prefer wholesale because it's easier, but will and have worked on a consignment basis. It really all depends on the individual so we consider things on a case by case basis.

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Lovely idea Rowan, I like your stockist number 1! :)

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