Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sad feelings

Just a quicky today, by means of an apology for not doing a 'me' post in a while.

I've wanted to... but I think I am fed up because I am off work (annual leave) and although I look forward to it and think 'I'm going to do all this stuff', I end up getting really quite fed up. I wonder if I'll ever be able to actually quit the day job and do this full time.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing this. But it doesn't help when people boys are being mean.

I managed to mix some resin and got some more colours for the cameos done, and I started on some more lockets but am so mad because I did it too thin so that's time wasted. At least they aren't wrecked.

I reckon I'll have to go to Leeds tomorrow to get some syringes to measure the resin with too, because I went into Shipley today and every chemist I asked for syringes they really did frown at me. Surely I don't look like a shoot up? I kept saying 'it's just to measure liquid', but they kinda did a 'yeah we heard it before, smack head' look.

Anyway, I'm off on a business planning course now, yay! Should give me some inspiration to occupy my mixed-up head over the weekend!



Purple Sparkle said...

Can you use a plastic pipette with resin? I have some I can send you if you like? Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your course! xx

rachellucie said...

sorry to hear you feel up against it. It all gets on top of you sometimes, doesn't it?

I managed to blag some syringes once, it was a pack of disposable ones for insulin (they were at great pains to tell me that, and yes, I had to explain very clearly what it was for. To be honest, they gave me weirder looks when I said it was for measuring ink to refill calligraphy pens than when they thought I was a smack head!)

enjoy your course, and look for Victoria's Vintage Kitchen on Saturday in Victoria Hall if you go!