Thursday, 2 April 2009

March round-up

Super social events (somewhat suffering due to credit crunch):
1. Ting Tings/Ladyhawke (gig)
2. My parents' 35th Wedding anniversary.. Tapas!
3.Aunty Pauline's surprise 65th party
4. Fun night out with a secret special someone
5. Baked goods at Kelly's (friend)

Movies I watched:
1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
2. The Adam's family Values
3. Notting Hill

Disappointment of the month: I forgot to pay for the locket supplies so they arrived late and I didn't get chance to make any
Crafting highlight of the month: Learning how to make my own moulds... a wealth of opportunity and possibility!
Most overused phrase: I'm trying to run a business 'ere!
Most frustrating thing: I'm skint and I want to go out more!
I'm pleased with myself because: I got lots of little jobs done, leaving me time to just make, make, make! And promote! (see Taking over the World Step #1)

Focus for next month:
1) To get lots of bubble heart pendants made
2) To make lots more cool moulds to cast rainbow coloured designs with
3) To book some summer markets

Focus of last month:
1)To get lots more lockets made - nope, supplies were late. My fault.
2) Try out a new idea developing from the comic pendants - check, bubble heart pendants
3) To stay happy - check, it didn;t go wrong til April 1st!
4) To get a cool hair cut - I got my hair cut, but it's not as cool as I'd hoped, so I'll dye it this month!



Tizzalicious said...

The supply thing happened to me once too, annoying!

Kitschy Coo said...

Good roundup!

Think that's my most overused phrase too...

jo said...

I have an award on my blog for you if you would like to pop over and get it.

Jo xx

SamanthanotSamantha said...

You have had a good month!
I'll reply with my sparse March roundup too,

Super Social=
my friend Clares birthday do.
and some 2 week uni project was very social too..

um... Godfather 1+2

um.. I'm not sure..

Crafting highlight=
I realised I already had some watercolour paints, so I don't have to buy any.. and had a successful time printing my photographs (of Roger Stevens build) A0 size.

Most Overused Phrase=
I'm not sure on that one.. I'll have to catch myself talking.

Money and not being able to have a date and plan schedule for London!

Not sure on the next parts.. My goals come and go!