Monday, 6 April 2009

KitschenSink Tip: Reading blogs more efficiently...

Ever seen this and wondered what on Earth it was?

I hear every so often people telling me they have bookmarked my blog and check back to it from time to time. That's really great that you like my blog and come visit me... but did you know I can actually come visit you instead? You might forget about me and your bookmark... where as I can be delivered to you, and you can read me whenever you want. And once you have read me... I'll disappear (you can find me again easily though, if you need to).

I won't even clog up your inbox, because we're not talking about email-type newsletters. We're talking RSS feeds. If you know about this, move on, nothing to see here. And if you think you're not tech savvy enough, don't be so silly.

The RSS feeds will build up and give you a convenient reading list. Yay. All your favourite blog writers ready for you when you log in.

Now... I did start to write a how-to on this, but it was seriously whack, so

Hope you find this useful...



niftyknits said...

Thank you!

Tizzalicious said...

I really wouldn't know what to do without my google reader!