Thursday, 30 April 2009

KitschenSink Tip for Craftrepreneurs: Google Alerts

I'm not going to pretend I'm some business whizz but I feel I may as well pass on my tips on what I find that works... all I ask is if you see a better way you let me know too?!

So this tip is about Google Alerts.  Alerts sweeps the internet at regular intervals for whatever you ask it to look for, and delivers a report once a day or once a week or as it happens as an email to you.

If you already have a google account, say, Blogger or Gmail, you'll have easy access to Google Alerts. To set one up, go to - it's quite self-explanatory.

Here's how I use mine:

I set up an alert for "KitschenSink" and "Kitschen Sink" so that if anyone mentions me in a blog or elsewhere and doesn't have time to let me know, I'll find out!

I set up an alert for some of the places I sell, so that if there's anything in the news about them, but they don't mention me specifically, I'll get a notification.

I set up some notifications for things that my readers may find interesting (I'm not giving away everything folks) to use as useful content in my blogs.

I have also used some titles of my popular products in " ". You know, in case a product is mentioned but they forget my name (I could be spelt Kitchen Sink, but a notification on that would be borderline spam).

It's really clever... and I'll be blogging sometimes soon in my 'Taking over the world" series about just how much it's helped me... but I'm waiting on some stuff.. so you'll have to wait too!

I hope this is of some use to you, God bless my crafting and designing friends...



Tizzalicious said...

I have set up alerts too, but only for my name and URLS. Your ideas are pretty smart, I might set up some more! Thanks for the tips!

Purple Sparkle said...

Thank you!! I've heard of google alerts but didn't have a clue about how they worked! Have duly set one up :-)

Kitschy Coo said...

I'll have to check this out, sounds useful! Thanks for sharing, I'm learning a lot from your tips :)