Sunday, 12 April 2009

My Easter, my lip, my recent make

I'm off work for a whole week! Yippeee. I have been thinking about having my lip pierced for a while now, and decided this is the best time, as now at my day job, it really is desk time for a good few months, so it's not a bad time to let it heal without any big wigs seeing it and getting arsy. I also thought it would be good to have it done at the start of time off so it's healed a bit before my colleagues (and more importantly, my bosses) see it.

I really thought I'd pass out having it done. I passed out when I had a tattoo done, but then again, it was in the middle of a Summer heat wave and I hadn't eaten anything substantial in three months (anxiety. I might tell you about this another day, I might not). I prepared for this by eating a bacon sandwich and drinksome lucozade. It was fine actually. A lot easier than I thought, hardly any fiddling, she just stuck a long needle through it but it barely hurt and it only throbbed after. Groovy. I can see how people get addicted.

I went through some post-piercing trauma. I htink it's normal to feel as though it's not quite right after you have something like that done. My friend had a tattoo done the same day, and went through something similar (it's not really how I wanted, it's in the wrong place...). I was worried about what my mum would say, but she was cool. The second part of the trauma was: the ball fell off as I cleaned it at a friends. We searched on our hands and knees and couldn't find it! I sulked downstaurs and it was later found on the carpet on the landing... phew. It fel of again today into the soap dish. Not happy about that! Here I am anyway, with a little swelling (I covered my eyes because I don't like having too many photos of myself freely available on the web)

I hope to get lots made over the next few days. I am spending time casting lots of cameos in different colours. So far I have done a pink batch and an orange batch. Next is yellow I reckon...

I also did a little experimentation and would love to know what you think about this Blythe bracelet?

I intend to develop the idea further than just Blythe, but Blythe is a great start, right?

Enjoy your Easter! More updates of week-off makes coming soon! I'm off to bake brownies and possible make vegetarian chilli should the boy decide what he wants to do.



niftyknits said...

eeeek I'm scared of facial piercings, other than the "normal" one earring hole - all I can do is congratulate you on your courage!

Im actually quite scared of Blythe too, so I'll get my coat and leave now...;-)

Tizzalicious said...

I'd be so scared to get a piercing too! I think I'll stick to my ears1

I love the bracelet!