Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Preparing to Pop-up #5: Welcomed distractions: A day trip to Hebden Bridge

I'm still waiting on a couple of replacements for the packages that have gone missing in recent weeks, hope they get here in time for the Knitting and Stitching Show!

All work and no play makes Rowan a dull girrrl, so the weekend before last we took a day trip to Hebden Bridge. Turns out I'm quite the celebrity round those parts...

After finding somewhere to eat and having a magnificent Sunday dinner, we looked for The Heart Gallery, one of KitschenSink's stockists. It took is blinkin' ages but it was worth it!

After having a mooch around we found the delightful cabinet our 'Death by Comicide' range was displayed in:

 Can you see my mugshot there? Second shelf down! I had a good gander at the other lovely jewels on offer and the whipped out my camera. I got the feeling the shop assistants were talking about me and I might be in for a telling off for taking photos, but it never happened.

I attempted to slope off, but then noticed the shop assistant was wearing a pair of  Tooth Rot Hoop Earrings. As soon as our eyes met she excalimed 'You're Rowan, aren't you!' and then turned to the other assistant and said 'It is Rowan!'. And I got quite embarrassed. Ha.

And the town love me so much, they names a boat after me

Next time, I expect a statue! Heehee!



Littleclouds said...

That is so cute that they include your photo in there, what a nice idea !

watches, gemstones, and jewelry said...

you are glad to make a trip. you must be adventure people.