Thursday, 10 June 2010

Busy busy time - the WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING part

Mainly busy doing TestSpace which has been Test Ace and working on the new collection!

TestSpace Opening Night - Friday June 4th

 All photos taken from TestSpace Facebook pages.

What a fun fun night! I finished work early and headed straight for Crash Records. Here's Lizzie who did a marvelous job of shop girl for the evening.

Kate joined me later on, we watched a few bands including Charlie Bath and Laura J Martin who was amazing!

After the Crash opening events we headed up to 42 New Briggate where the participation fun was in full swing! Here's the back of me toying with the idea of doodling. I did doodle.

None of these are my doodles. I drew some fruit (apple, pear and pineapple)

Here you can see Kate and I checking out the super papercut work of Mr Yen.

On sale was some very cool work, including...

Steph Says Hello (I have reserved one of her prints, too too cool)

I attended a presentation from the maker of Bunny which was interesting and funny

I had such a fun time at all the events. And all the clever folks involved are locals! I do love Leeds.  I met some awesome people including Elly who writes an interesting blog and also contributes to Culture Vultures, Giles who does photography, and Debi Holbrook, to whom I have offered my hair in the name of art.

So what's all this about the new collection

Well. It's colourful, kitschy, funky and fun! They're in a differnet medium to what I have used previously.  I've had a few different folks working with me on it.  I've been trialling a couple and wearing them myself, and unoficially selling a few bits at TestSpace and they're proving popular. It's all very exciting and all will be revealed on July the 1st when I'll be hosting a giveaway from the collection to get the ball rolling! Wahoo! I am tired!!


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