Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Busy busy time - the GOOD NEWS part

Well '30 Days' appears to have been abandoned. I think it was the thought of describing a day, week and month in detail. I'm a busy be, it'd have taken forever!

Where do I start? Some good news in a listed format perhaps? Even a few visuals.

1) I am so excited that I have won a spot at this year's Knitting and Stitching Show! It's a four day event in November at Harrogate International Centre. Wahoo!

2) I have been accepted to sell at Saltaire Arts Trail this September which is ace because love Saltaire and I love the arts trail and I was too ill to exhibit last year. Fingers crossed for this year!

3) I was approached by an independent magazine to be featured, which started off as awesome news but quickly turned in to 'OK then, if you take out an ad...'.  Kind of skews the credibility of a magazine that basically reports on those who are paying for a spot. Not cool.

4) I have been selling my new collection unofficially over the last few days at TestSpace (more to follow) and it's been getting great feedback!
5) I'm going to give the craft market at On The Wall in Leeds a go in July... see what that's like. That's July 3rd, write it in your diaries, please and thank you.

6) One of my bezzies just pushed another baby out and it's called Izzy and it's a girl! I'm going for a visit on my birthday next week and I am very excited to meet her.

7) I went out for drinks last week and a girl told me I look like 'you know, that Florence'. Thanks love. She was pretty drunk, like. But kind of her to say.
Flo / Ro

 Another post soon about TestSpace and the new collection... oooh



Marthaamay O_o said...

new collection new collection??!!!!
testing at testspace!
did it go well? Organised nicely?

Littleclouds said...

your prettier than Flo !

Hilton said...

Congrats to you, hope all works out to your hearts desire.......

twinklyspangle said...

new collection?? we, your devoted blog readers, would like to view this elusive new collection! Spill the beans!

And you are way prettier than that Florence!

Pixie said...


a)I NEED to see the new collection!
b) Saltaire is my favourite place in the world! We went a few weeks ago and looked in the mill at the jewellery section - I did think it was a bit lack - not in Sept!
c) Bad news I'm on a hen do on 3rd July so yet again, won't get to see the collection. :(
d) Well done on getting the place at the knitting show, I will DEFFO come to that!
e) I told you before and I'll tell you again, you're far prettier than Flo. :D