Tuesday, 16 February 2010


We all know what divs Paperchase are, right? If the whole Hidden Eloise debacle wasn't enough, how about the fact that on their Facebook fan page, on their sole update they state "Stationary fitness'. First lesson on an induction with Paperchase: Learn how to spell the type of product correctly!


I love notebooks. I like to have one gorgeous place where I can keep all my to-do lists (and there's a lot of them), ideas, draft letters and business plans... needless to say they fill up quickly.

I have a criteria for the perfect notebook. Essential criteria: Hardback, spiral bound. Desirable criteria: feint rule. Margins I can take or leave. There are benefits and disadvantages to the margin.
So here's some notebooks I'm lusting after from cooler places than Paperchase. I think I'll be ready for one of these by, say, 17th June-ish??

Listen and Play Recycled Notebook by Swirlyarts

Barbie Journal by 2 Cheeky Monkeys

...and look inside!

This one had to get a mention. I'd probably get this as a gift for one of Team Tea and Biscuits.  You can get them in different flavours, but I'd go for chocolate, for an extra juvenile factor.

I am actually going to buy a binding machine now. I just told a friend and she got really excited about it, so that's one customer sorted! Expect journals from recycled comic books... not for a while though. Bit busy.



Wychbury said...

Great post! They're all fab but I love Swirly Arts' recycled notebooks! Paperchase may consider themselves officially 'Last week' pxxxxx

niftyknits said...

I'm afraid I've been put off binding machines for life, after my years as a teaching assistant and teacher! Whenever I changed schools I used to pretend I didn't know how to use the machine to avoid having to bind all the children's portfolios ;-)

Julia said...

Hint taken and duly noted :0) xx