Monday, 8 February 2010

Are you a bangle? Or a bracelet?

I had a creative thought this morning involving bangles. I want to work on some right away, but, of course, I need to source supplies and wait for them to arrive first!

Do you prefer bracelets or bangles? Do you know the difference? I would say that a bracelet drapes around the wrist and a bangle is a rigid shape.  I am definitely a bangle fan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a bracelet, especially if it colourful with massive plastic charms.  But more often than not I'd sport a bangle (or 6).

Here's some bangles I'm lusting after right now (oh and PS, I get really annoyed when people tag their bracelets as bangles, divs!):

I'm a bangle and I'm 27 years old. Are you a bracelet or a bangle?



trinket box said...

Oh I love that cat bangle! It's amazing.
I think I actually prefer bracelets, although I do like bangles if they're particularly nice. I actually want that cat one now! x

Littleclouds said...

Bangles feel nicer on me, bracelets can feel a little fragile but I guess are more classy? Bangles are more funky & bold.

ismoyo said...

I love a pretty bangle but i wear bracelets more often. But maybe that's just because i have more bracelets in my jewelry box.

kate b. said...

definitely multiple bangles!