Sunday, 7 February 2010

Handmade...2: Taking stock

Today we (that's me and my pal Kate P) manned a stall at Handmade 2 at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

The turnout was really impressive. The location of the event is in a student digs area of Leeds, and the club is liking a working men's club but lots of students go. It's well known for live music, so the crowd is pretty cool.

Kate and I had a fun afternoon of chatting to other stall holders and making some gift boxes and drinking tea out of sweet little tea cups!

The only down side of the event was that the fantastic work that was being sold was underpriced.  Many of the stall holders were students, or new graduates, and I do think they did their sums, but mainly only as far as thinking that they had covered supplies and time, which works, but then if a shop approached them and said they'd like to stock them and take a commission of 50%, leaving them with £4, they'd be quite as happy.  This isn't the case for them, and that's fine. I did it that way for a while. But no one wanted to pay KitschenSink prices when they could have got a whole bag o' swag for the price of a Vintage Comic Bubble Heart Necklace.

Stall holders to note are Hello Memo (awesomest illustration and friend of the owner our stockist Cherry Cherry), Pink Gin Jewellery (inspired by her tattoo background) and AmyPanda (the organiser and maker of cute felt brooches. Her stitching is very very neet!).

I've been making a few new pieces too. I'll do a what's cooking post soon!


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Samantha Wass said...

Hmm, interesting thing to happen at that place! Have you some photos?