Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Hard Sell

I've never really been down with all that in-your-face pushy sales technique when I am selling the jewels.  I live in a world that's pretty and nice and the sun shines and people just buy my jewellery because they like it.

But I guess in reality, a certain amount of legwork is involved. I have always been chatty so I am quite happy to have a natter with passers by and tell them a little bit about my work and inspirations and what not, and that can often lead to a sale.

I was curious as to how I could increase sales a little more, so I booked on a Practical Selling Skills course with Business Link. Would you Adam and Eve it, it was only the div who dissed my brand name who was running it!  Needless to say, it was shit, and I came away having learnt that I should point to things with a nice pen and not my finger. That's good then. I believe that my kind of customer would appreciate a funky painted nail more than a silver pen. So I gained nothing really!

It wasn't until the day after that I really learnt about selling skills. I went to a nice salon in Leeds for my fringe trimming. They charge a fiver, which is fine. It's in a convenient place and they don't cut it across because they understand my hair is well thick. So the hairdresser says
"where did you have your hair cut last time?"
"Just a local place"
"Hmm, you have really thick hair. And it's been cut quite traditionally. I think your hair would benefit from a cut that's more technical, we'll book you in for in a couple of weeks time and I'll spend a good hour getting your hair looking really great"
"OK then"
"Right, that's done. I'll take you over to pay [calls reception-boy], can you book my lady in for a cut and blow dry next week as well. [turns to me] See you next week"

So that's me booked.  I am actually going to cancel though. I like my hair cut! Cheeky beggar!



Anonymous said...

Just got to say I love your blog and the way you write things. I'm always stuck to write such interesting posts on mine and I think you have a great talent for this as well as jewellery making of course!

niftyknits said...

My last haircut was so awful (put a bag over your head awful) that I've been growing it for the last 4 months (apart from snipping my fringe myself)

Of course, I still tipped her.

Think I'm hairdresserphobic.