Sunday, 20 December 2009

What's cooking in the Christmas Kitschen?

There's a lovely wintery scene from the Penthouse patio windows right now. Flakes of snow and twinkling lights afar. Perfect. Earlier, Christmassy barges turned outside on the canal too, and we occasionally get a festive steam train pass on the other side. Lovely.

I took a snowy walk to my friends earlier (I really enjoyed it. I'm going to walk places more).  This is what happened to a certain naughty Mr Cat who insisted on sitting on wrapping paper whilst his 'mum' wanted to wrap gifts....

This fuelled cat-mum further... how happy does Bailey look about this? Fun times.

Just want to say a public thank you to Julia who has done a hand-delivery for me today. My car park and road is absolute Torville and Dean and I didn't want to drive today but needed to drop something off, and Julia has very kindly helped out! I am returning the favour by looking for a special gift in Leeds for her tomorrow. I am doing most of my Christmas shopping tomorrow... :-/

I'm very fortunate that I get all the time over Christmas and the new year off work.  I tend to get a lot of creative urges, but as I am so busy with social engagements and being away from my own home, I can't usually realise those urges!  So this is what's going on at the minute:

Some new images ready to embed into hearts after being coated.  They will all have glittery layers, as those sold the first at recent markets! I am very excited about these and have lots of other new images to use! Yippee!

My post has arrived from Japan at long last. The crap photo above has red riding themed decals. Hopefully they'll look as good as the Alice ones.

How cute are these? I'm looking forward to combining them into fun shapes and coloured glitters and resin. Hooray.

I just had my dining chairs delivered and they are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get my table. I hope to get it as soon as Christmas is out the way, then I can have lots of VIPs round whilst I am off work for civilised dinners. Super.

Look out for my next couple of posts because *hopefully* I'll have a voucher for you if you live in the Leeds area, for something nice!. Just had it sent to me but it won't open, so fingers crossed she'll re-send it!


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Littleclouds said...

haha the cat looks pissed off in the santa suit, strangely the one with wrapping around it doesn't look like they mind much.