Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 - Part One: Looking back

Eeh what a year. I set myself a few secret goals... here they are and here's how I did!

By the end of the 2009:

1) I'll stock five bricks and mortar shops
Done! KitschenSink is now in Projeto, Silsden; Picture This, Bradford; The Bowery, Leeds; Leeds Met Civic Quarter; and Cherry Cherry, Norwich!

2) I'll have sold at three big markets
Done! I sold at The University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair twice, their Staff Festival, 100% Handmade and Designers' Marketplace to name a few.  I really wanted to sell at the Bust Craftacular, but didn't make it this time around.

3) I'll have had 75 online sales (total to date)
I reckon I made that. Folksy currently stands at 42, DaWanda has 13. I also did a few over the Twitter and Facebook t'interwebs.

In order to meet my goals I set some short-term, medium-term and long-term goals:

Short term:
1) Prepare lots of envelopes and boxes (as both are handmade)
2) Schedule 2 months' worth of blogs in advance (for promoting other designers - Folksy Friday, etc)

Medium term:
1) Design repeatable stock - I thought this was essential to get right this year. When I book fairs I need to be able to get some shiz together without the design process getting in the way.  Also, if I am to create a bit of a 'brand', my pieces must all tie in together.
2) Get some good display gear for stall - Yeah!! I had some specially made in the shape of cherries and an anchor. I also got a cool heart shaped mirror as some people like to try on the jewellery.  I have a comic strip table cloth. It's all very cool and I am quite content with it for now.
3) Research and book markets - Yep. Love Designers' Marketplace and 100% Handmade! Want to do more in 2010!
4) Open a DaWanda - I did and I love sending packages to mainland Europe!

Long term:
1) Get my own website - did I ever?! was launched and it's absolutely awesome. It's be recognised by lots of design forums and it's loved by all.

Further to all this, I also had some awesome photos taken by a photographer!!

So, what's in store for KitschenSink 2010? That's another post, for another day!

What's your biggest success of 2009?


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