Tuesday, 7 October 2008


So...I happened upon my work in a google image search and thought I was going to throw up... turns out it was a wist!! I was wisted! Check it out!!!

I made that because I never had name necklaces when I was younger, having such a silly name and all. Well no not really, I'd rather be called Rowan than something common. Although I never got away with not doing my homework. Ginger and a funny name. I couldn't be a wall flower if I wanted to.

I get asked alot how much to make one... it took ages, I'd have to charge at least £30 to make it worth my while.... and then people aren't so keen!!

Back soon,

Hearts xoxox


Tizzalicious said...

That is such an awesome necklace!

They never had my name anywhere either, and it's not even that uncommon here!

KitschenSink said...

Thank you Tizz! I don't often wear my own work, not sure why... but this one I wear alot :o)