Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bad stuff.... good stuff

My horoscope says today:

'It's a busy, busy day today as your normal routine becomes more complicated. You may talk about simplification, but it's not going to be easy to cut back on your activities. Instead of fretting over what you cannot finish, slow down enough to catch your breath and just try to meet your obligations as best you can.'

Too effing right. Too too busy. My 9-5 is stretching me to capacity and sooner or later my hair is going to start falling out. If my eyelashes fall out, enough's enough. That REALLY freaks me out.

I have had a social event pretty much every evening as far back as I remember (I recommend you listen to the Courteeners , The Mystery Jets, and the Golden Silvers, seen those over the weekend).

So just as I am contemplating jumping into oncoming traffic of a dual carriageway - I notice my feedback has arrived for the first ring I sold on Etsy... whoopie!


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