Monday, 6 October 2008

Quick catch-up

I haven't blogged so much lately and for that I can only apologise. In the poetic words of Kellie Marie, my head's been in a spin and my feet haven't touched the ground. It's less to do with love and more to do with a crazy social life, hectic 9-5 and running a house on my own (it gets really untidy ya know).

So... Past: In terms of crafting, I have been sourcing new supplies (it takes longer than you think), drawing and designing a business card. I have also ordered some post cards... yipee. Also money got stolen from my bank, which is wack, cos I can;t use ebay til it's sorted.

Present: I am having a stall on Wednesday.. I'll say where after in case my stalker is reading (it's not a public one I can publicise anyway). I am quickly putting together my inventor and sorting out packaging etc.

Future: I am so excited about my new supplies and you should be too... resin is making a come back, starting with some simple designs, there is also going to be a winter theme ready for Christmas and whatever else holidays folks are celebrating. I was asked lasked year to make some Christmas/wintery themed stuff and I'm excited about this... there'll also be hearts and some other bits and pieces....

Another future aim is to get some better structure to my blog, I'll have specific days of the month where I'll blog about targets I set for myself, etc etc.

Anyways I'm off... glue must have dried by now.

Wish me luck for Wednesday

Hearts xoxox

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Pippa said...

Your stalker?? Ooo new craft supplies are always exciting :o)