Friday, 26 August 2011

The End of an Era

Today was the last day in my current job. You may or may not be aware but Kitschen Sink isn't my full time job.  Lots of people think it is, because it is where most of my energy and passions go.  But the truth is, I'm pretty old school, and although I love Kitschen Sink, I also value the structure and security my job gives me.

For the last four years my role has involved supporting people who develop the careers of new lecturers within a top university.  It's the longest I have ever been in a job! I really love working on campus.  I sat in a lovely little office that overlooked a courtyard, with lots of windows and my name on the door.

I arrived to my office yesterday and my lovely colleague Claire had decorated it with balloons and signs that said 'good luck'.  I laughed out loud at what I found stuck to my computer!

I also got lots of lovely gifts including a couple of bottles of champagne, a cute cup to take to my new office, a finger monster (you can see him on the bow on the bottle), a lovely handmade glass rainbow for my new desk, and a collection from the unit, which I will buy a remote for my camera from, and some Wesc Bing Bang headphones for my iPhone.  I cried when I left, I'll miss them lots!

So what's next? I'll be heading over to a department that supports medical engineers turn their inventions and potions into a proper business (I think!).  I can't wait!

Isn't it the law that you have to get a new wardrobe before you start a new job? I got myself a couple of new dresses... I'm afraid I am waiting to borrow a tripod so I can show you them, but here's a sneak peek...

Very cute. I am going to the Trafford Centre tomorrow... there could be more for the collection. I'm thinking knitwear and T-bar shoes.

What's your autumn winter staple?


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Melanie K said...

Awesome leaving presents, good luck in your new job!