Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cherries, berries and a Royal Plum treat

I got an overwhelming craving today, for lip stain.  I quit like the idea of a long lasting colour without the stickiness.  I've never bought any before so I put it out there:

The result was unanimous. Benefit Benetint.  Sadly, my bank balance wouldn't thank me for a Benefit splurge this month.  So off I popped to my dentist who advised me to get a better quality of dental floss. Off I popped to ASDA to pick some up, and whilst I was there I temporarily fixed my stain urge with Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint.

I'm so pleased with the result! I think I'll finally be able to wear my beloved lip colours during the day without worrying it's on my teeth, has come off, smudged, all over my tea cup, etc.  And the colour is great - I went for Royal Plum which sounds purplish, but it's a lovely red, on the blue-tone side. Perfect for a ginner like me! It's applied with a big, fat, marker pen tip. Simples.

The sun was shining bright and it seemed the perfect time for a final summer indulgence: cherries and strawberries!

Yums! It's all about berry reds!  I can't wait to try Benetint too!

So what lipsticks, stains and glosses do you love? Share!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your face made me smile and laugh so much I answered the phone half chuckling, then I remembered that I was at work. Oops.

The only lip stain i have is Topshop's bitten berry, it's lovely, if a little pinkish for me. You can try some when you come over, a little goes a massive way, amazing value futmuneh.

My totally fave lipstick atm is Bonjouris, in a purple canister thing, and the shade that I have is pretty much the exact shade of my lips!! I can wear it to work and to Sainsbury's and get no stares! (my other lipstick colours are 3x orange, they get stares.)

Anyway. YAY xxx

Oh, I'm being a guest poster here, cba to log in to blogger at work.
It's Marfer xxx