Monday, 19 July 2010

A Super Duper AfFair

Yesterday was the Super Duper Fair in Blackpool and my hopes for the day weren't high. I could not see where I was driving down the motorway for the heavy rain! But as we approached the coast, the rain cleared.

Kate B (my faithful assistant for the day) and I had tea and bacon sandwiches on arrival. Perfect start.

The fair really was Super Duper! It only last four hours, but we had plenty of sales and cups of tea in that time.  Here's Helen of Hello Memo, her stall, and her famous dead squirrel

And a little shot of inside the marquee. You might be able to see the KitschenSink stall to the back and right if you look hard enough!

After the fair we hot-footed to the seafront to have fish and chips before speeding back to get Kate to work on time.

Next on the agenda is Saltaire Makers Fair! Woo!



Poppy Sparkles said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday at the Super Duper Fair, Viv x

Marthaamay O_o said...

wowowow!! It looks cosy and fun!
Glad you had fun! xxx

Josh Healy said...

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