Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Craftacular, craftacular!

On Saturday just gone, I had the awesome privilege of selling KitschenSink at Bust London Craftacular.  I've been following the Craftacular's movements for some time and was overjoyed when I was offered a half stall at this summer's event.

The Craftacular massive. I've never sold at a fair so big. And every single stall was top-notch quality and fairly priced. Check out the size! It was held at York Hall in Bethnal Green. All the customers were very cool and very beautiful.

 Above photos from Made in the Shade

I think the thing that excited me about Bust Craftacular was the coordinator's attention to detail - they even had DJs on, all day, playing a fantastic mix of music for us to dance to!

 It was great to see Leona from LLROK running her tea shoppe, and I shared my stall with Cleo from Feverette who I met at the LLROK Business Secrets Seminar.  I met lots of designer/makers who I follow the blogs of and Twitter with, such as Lee May from Bonbi Forest, Chloë from Hatastic!, Anna from Custom Made and Polly from Brat and Suzie. Of course I have left loads out but I Have limited space.

Here's me and my stall!

Credit to Samantha for the excellent photo! And read her take on the Craftacular here

It was also way cool to meet many of my Twitter friends who all, as promised, introduced themselves!

The rest of the weekend in London was super-fun! Samantha had to work on Saturday night so Marco (her boyfriend and my old school friend) took me to a wild London party. Then we slept til 1pm, hung out and ate toast and had an amazing vegetarian barbeque. Marco made frijoles negros volteados, Samantha made home made guacamole, Steve made some vegetable kebabs and I cut up lime into wedges for rum and coke. Oh it was a sunny day and we sat on the roof.... good times!

I have other things to blog about but I'm waiting on a delivery! I haven't forgotten about my amazing gifts ;-)



Marthaamay O_o said...

You forgot to mention you stayed out till 6am! Party animal, you were up for 25hours.. work hard, party hard!

Pixie said...

Looks amazing. Lovin your dress too! Do you sell much at fair type situs? I'm sure your contribution to the bbq was the most important. :D

Littleclouds said...

looks like possibly the best craft fair in the UK me thinks.