Saturday, 6 June 2009

Favours for friends

Do you ever become so self absorbed you forget other people in the world exist other than just yourself?

I know I do. I guess that's life, when you become so busy and stressed, and you just need to get your own shit done before you can see further than the end of your nose, and that's been me for the last few weeks. After Artsmix, for a short period, I'll be able to see friends again, which will be nice... I need some social time with pals.

I've been working on this 'Catlace', term coined by the recipitent, for a friend who saw a picture of a sold item on Flickr and wanted one making in blue. I used to be scared of custom orders, but not so much now. I hope she likes it!

Could you do a favour for my friend? He's in a band called Dead Message, and they have the opportunity to play at a local but very popular festival.  No sign up required - could you please just click here and vote for them, they are 5th from the bottom. I go to the festival every year and it would be good to see someone I know up on the stage!


Just a few last minute bits and bobs to do for Artsmix tomorrow... wish me luck!


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