Thursday, 4 June 2009

Awesome find... and a bit about how my stall's gonna look

As you're probably aware, this year I am making a big effort to get lots of things just right (see the 'Taking over the World' labelled posts).  I'm getting pretty stressed, and waking up with the bedside lamp on (means I had a nightmare and hallucinated) seems to have recurred most nights this week. It doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, just maybe that I should slow down.

Anyway.  Check out this fabric I have got as a tablecloth!! This was a doubly awesome find on eBay. The double bit was because the seller lived in the 'ford, not just that, but literally 5 minutes up the road, opposite my friend's! So no postage cost, yesssssssssssssss!

This will just drape off the table (hopefully) to the floor, and the top of the table will be covered in black fabric.  I think it'll look really cool.  Especially when you take into account how the prices, product and company information is displayed - here's a couple of examples:
And then there's the cherries, anchor, lots of comic boxes.... oooh I hope it all looks top notch!

By the next one, I hope to have the re-branded display cards. This time I am just using up old ones, but they still look good!

What are your tips for stall/market/fair/generic selling success? I'll feature them (and credit you) sometime next week!



Katie K said...

that fabric is A.MAZ.ING!!!! oooooohhhhh it sounds awesome I can't wait to see it all set up!!!

mamutopia said...

Oh I love your comic theme ♥ And I wish I could visit your booth!

Right now I'm busy preparing for a craft market tomorrow. It's only my second market, so I still have to figure out what's good and what not. But I'm sooo excited to go :)

Good luck!

Bigbluebed said...

Your table is going to looking wonderful.

bex said...

wow! your stall is going to stick in such an amasing way! well done on the no postage!!i find the piece of advice i need to remember when i do fairs is to calm down..,.i kind of go a bit crazy and start blabbering away like a nutter to anyone who talks to me!

Pippa said...

You're hallucinating?! You really need to see a doctor! But your stall is going to look AMAZING! Be sure to take lots of pictures to wow us :o)

Pippa said...

You're hallucinating?! That's baaaad! But your stall is going to look sooooo amazing! Be sure to take lots of pictures to wow us :o)