Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The stall - Artsmix @ The Loft Leeds - Specialist Jewellery Showcase

I'd worked long and hard for this day. I always stress myself out ahead of 'real life' selling events, mainly worrying I'll not have enough stock.  Thankfully I slept well the night before, which wasn't even alcohol induced!

The Artsmix Market itself was pretty quiet. I sold a fair amount, covered my costs and some, plus I had a lot of feedback, made some friends and got some interest (including some boy interest... more on that later).

I like to see photos of other people's stalls, so here's mine.  They were trialling a round table format. I wasn;t down with that, so opted for a half-stall. I'm glad I did. My body looks to be really disproportionate and I'm not sure why?! Notice: comic fabric, anchors and cherries, and comic speech bubbles.

Image above courtesy of Samantha.  She was in a rush to catch her train to London when she took this. She came to collect her catlace!

Paula from Projeto (stockist of KitschenSink) was also selling at Artsmix. She has some really great collections now. Here's her stall, it looked really cool, but I'm pretty sure she has a degree in something retail-related. That's cheating :)

I was particularly impressed with the jewels of Cat and Bang. Have a looksie at their website.
My friend Gill of Easily Suede was there selling her hand stitched leather bags, iPod cases and cuffs. She's just got hold of some carp leather and I got my hands on a really cool cuff in turquoise. I'll blog that another time.

I met a few other really cool people, including: Sarah Pinnell, an artist and fashion designer. Keep your eye on her, she is starting out making affordable, made-to-measure fashion (on the day she wore one of her own dresses that was sooo gorgeous, I'm definitely going to have one made after my holidays!); Rachel of Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs and a really nice couple who live just down the canal from me.  Hopefully I'll pick up a business card off them if we both get to sell at the event I have applied for at the end of summer.
So... there was quite a hot guy working at the venue... the platonic boyfriend arrived late, so as a good will gesture, gave me a lift home (in his dirty work van).  This hot guy really checked out platonic boyfriend.  Hopefully he decided he was my brother since we're both ginners.
On a similar positive note, platonic boyfriend had been checking out my bum (apparently it's allowed?) whilst I was tidying up and said it looked good. There must be something about Rowan this week, I have had a higher level of interest from the opposite sex this week. 5-fold in fact.
That's all for today... thank you and goodnight!


rachellucie said...

thanks for the mention, Rowan! I've yet to put fingers to keyboard about it. still gathering my thoughts (don't hold your breath on that one!). Met some really great people, at this and all the craft events I have done (yourself included :coy smile: but I promise I didn't check out your bottom!). Lucky you, I didn't get any boy interest! (I'm actually taken, but window shopping is always nice)

ismoyo said...

Sounds like you had a good day!
You know, i really like seeing the stalls and reading about the craft fair experiences, but i maybe even like the boy interest stories more ;) hihi
As a married lady (very happily, don't get me wrong!) i love hearing the dating stories of my single friends! I feel the excitement in my stomach! Oooh... boys like you!!!
Okay, enough mushy mush, back to work. hihi

Littleclouds said...

OOooo looks good, the perspex displays look good, I agree about the round table, how annoying!