Friday, 23 January 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - Pippa's Long Stockings

I'm not sure how I found my way to Pippa's shop. I think she commented on my blog one day, so I subscribed to hers. She has a lovely personal blog where she shows us the other things she makes, not just what she sells... you should subscribe too.

She makes an array of lovely things that she puts in her happy little shop... sock creatures, neck warmers, badges...

I received my order from her last week - a custom order of some London Tube map badges - she already made them but I wanted some with specific stations on them. Here they are, click on the photo if ya like it ;o)

And the craziest sock creatures. This is Blue Spotty and he loves big breakfasts and cups of tea.

If you Flickr you can find Pippa's Arty Life photostream here, and if you like to read a blog or two you can find it here.

Enjoy xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love Pippas stuff too! Plus she is a top lady which always helps :)

Pippa said...

Oh thank you! What a lovely post! Does your friend like the badges?

Jonathan Asher Gilbert said...

I a huge fan of Pippa's work, always intrigued to find out what he's working on next and what inspires her... sock monkeys rule. As do the map badges, I have a couple for Colwyn Bay and Conwy... beat'.

KitschenSink said...

He did like them yes! He knows lots of facts about the London Tube and recently moved there so I thought they would be most apt!