Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My November - Round-up - and a commenting incentive!

Is it really December already? Here goes my recap of November:

Super social events:
1. The Guillemots (Live music)
2. Knaresborough Girly Weekend (Road trip!)
3. Tokyo (Club)
4. Michelle's birthday (Pubs)
Surely I have missed somethings here...

Movies I watched:
1. Lost: Season 3...
2. Lost: Season 4 (OK I know they aren't strictly movies, but I watched the whole two seasons in a week! I didn't have time to watch any more TV!)

Funniest moment: My friend Natalie, dropping lime pickle down her top during a 3.30am curry.
Heartwarming moment: A customer from a year ago telling me her necklace was 'her favourite thing'.
Proudest moment: Putting my work into a bricks and mortar shop, and having another consignment enquiry.
Annoying moment: A woman telling her daughter my items were 'just little gimmicks' and thinking I'd be OK with that.
Most used phrase: 'We'll FC it' (whilst waving a hand infront of one's neck, in a slicing action. FC stands for False Claim, as in a bingo game. It basically means, forget it and move on. Me and my friends are soooo cool).
Most time consuming task: Getting to my 9-5. I absolutely cannot drag my ass out of bed at the moment.

I'm starting to get my head around my Flickr a bit more now. If you want to take a look and give me some tips... please do.

Thanks to all my lovely commenters: I now have a Top 10 on the right! What an incentive to give me comments! I love comments so do keep your thoughts coming :o)

Berrysprite (love that blog btw, soo want to visit Japan)

This month I also changed my blog about a bit, can't seem to get my banner back up... oh well...

Back tomorrow for That's Wicked...



julia said...

Look how far im moving up the comment table!!
Congrats on your sales pal, this is excellent news!! x

Sneddonia said...

That's a great idea, to do a round-up of the month. I might do one for the year, try and prove that 2008 hasn't been a total waste :D

Pippa said...

Ooo look at that - I'm in the top 10! So does this mean you're up to date with Lost? Mr Pippa and I are hooked and counting down to the new series!

KitschenSink said...

Yup, all up to date with Lost wahoo! Love it, I dream about it... it became my life, watching it so frequently!