Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bye bye 2011 - it's been AWESOME!

A post to pay tribute to 2011, cos it's been a right blast! Here we go...

♥ January

I lost a bloody lot of weight!  No complaints here - shame it was down to the heartbreak diet. Onwards and upwards...

...I booked my flights for Austin, Texas!

♥ February

We ran our first co-hosted giveaway with Sick For Cute! to launch the 'Meet The Stockist' interview posts.

I did my first video blog!

I bought a pair of roller skates and started regular roller dance classes. I also gave roller derby a shot! (Turns out I don't like getting knocked about).

I went to London and had a really lovely weekend with Samantha where she got papped by Elle Magazine and we had gorgeous cupcakes from Selfridges.

Our Electric Storm necklace was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine! Wowow!

I led a jewellery workshop with about 50 students there!

I watched a season and a half of Mad Men and lost another 8lbs.

♥ March

I learnt how to tie my hair in a big top knot, a la Breakfast At Tiffany's

I went to Lincoln to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in years. It was fun!

I haphazardly opened a shop in Leeds city centre

♥ April

I went on a girl's holiday to Barcelona which was very cool. A real whistle stop tour but saw everything I wanted to see and had a right larf.

I had my hair styled at GHD head office and they made me look red-carpet ready! All dressed up and nowhere to go...

♥ May

I had the wonderful privilege of being befriended by the Hebe Media team who were off to Barcelona to big-up the Leeds scene.  Sadly it was too late to physically join them on the adventure but they took my jewels over and interviewed me as part of their featured creatives.

I launched The Kapow Collection - one of my favourite collections to date!  The pieces got photographed by friend photographer Carla De Azevedo and modelled by Victoria Stansfield. Cute eh?

♥ June

I went to Austin for a fortnight which was freakin awesome.  I made new friends, spent lots of time with Kate and had a good relax!  I'll definitely be back there just as soon as I can!

I turned another year older!

♥ July

With Carla and Victoria, we did the first ever Kitschen Sink studio photography shoot.  It was loads of fun!

I decided to close the shop I had opened in March.  It was a really interesting learning experience.  I trust my gut feeling and instincts completely and on this occasion it just didn't suit my tight-ship, independent style of working.  I'd maybe try retailing again in the distant now I know what to look for in a premises, but I love the flexibility of design right now.

♥ August

I went to the Trafford Centre for the first time!

I left my day job in staff development for a promotion to a centre of innovation in medical technologies. Ooh lala! It meant I'd get to give more ideas, dabble in marketing and there's lots of talk of Intellectual Property, a subject I love!

I got accepted to sell at Saltaire Festival.

Kitschen Sink was featured on Le Look - a Barcelona based fashion blog, thanks to Hebe.

I won a unicorn onesie!

♥ September

I sold at Saltaire Festival and Reet Sweet!

I was shortlisted for TWO Leeds retail awards!

♥ October

I had a gander at the first ever Renegade craft fair in the UK.  It was OK!

I launched mini-pins as part of the Kapow Collection that are suitable guys and dolls... they really took off!

I took part in ReetSweet and we went for drinks after with some of the stall holders who are a great bunch!

Business Link ran a special event with two big names in the fashion business - Eric Musgrave and David Seabourne. It was inspiring!

I did my first ever outdoor market and found out I was accepted to BUST Christmas Craftacular in London!

♥ November

I took part in Super Duper Fair in Blackpool and BUST Christmas Craftacular in London... and another outdoor market!

My best friend got married and I was bridesmaid! It was on Bonfire Night. A really special day.

I learnt how to network properly - I know, right?!

I saw Friendly Fires live and had a really good night out afterwards involving a cocktail of shots. Wowza!

We encountered the worst train journey of my life - I was meant to leave London at 8pm, and I got home at 3.30am the next day!

♥ December

 I somehow managed to sell at three events over two days. Crazy sales!

The biggest and best news of the year - Russell Kane wearing a POW mini-pin on Twitter and then ON TV! Read the story here!


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naoise.x. said...

wow what an awesome year!
Ive just found your blog but i hope that i can share 2012 with you and that its just as awesome.
congratulations on everything.
<3 neysh

PrintawayGill said...

Wowzer indeed Rowan - what a year! I'm so missing our lunches and business/boy chats. Lovin the Blog as always though x