Wednesday, 6 May 2009

April Round-up

Sorry it's late! I have been super sociable over the past few days (which will go into the May round up!). I can't add a picture today :( sorry for lack of visuals...

Super social events (somewhat suffering due to credit crunch):
1. Take out at Jen's
2. Barbeque at Julia's
3. Cinema trip with my pal Andrew
4. Crazy day (of tattoos and piercings) with Natalie
5. Night out with Natalie

Movies I watched:
1. Little Miss Sunshine
2. The Boat that Rocked
3. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (see that so many times)
4. Juno
5. A good few episodes of Sky+'d LOST

Disappointment of the month: I forgot who I was (not literally...) and I vowed I wouldn't do that again. It happens, but I am BACK!
Crafting highlight of the month: Being accepted onto two panel approved design/craft fairs
Most overused phrase (by someone else on this occasion): She/I buzzed off it
Most annoying thing: the man at the Business Link course. What a turd.

I'm pleased with myself because: I had my lip pierced with no pain relief and didn't pass out. In fact, it barely hurt! Cha'mon!
Focus for next month:
1. Get more 3D stall ideas together and bought/made
2. Complete the cameos into necklaces/brooches
3. Complete the lockets into necklaces
4. Approach another bricks and mortar to sell my work
5. Have my hair cut and colour it!

Focus of last month:
1. To get lots of bubble heart pendants made - done!
2. To make lots more cool moulds to cast rainbow coloured designs with - only did cameos... too skint to buy more brooches!
3. To book some summer markets - done and accepted whoopdy whoop!

I look forward to the next bank holiday and hopefully lots of lovely weather!


Tizzalicious said...

Sounds like you've been busy & productive!

Congrats on getting accepted on the martkets!

Julia said...

Yeah i got a mention! Whoop. Look forward to seeing your new stuff!