Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Four more sleeps to Christmas Craft Fair No.1!

And preparations are well under way! I have taken a week annual leave this week to get sorted:

Some generic items (of course made with love, but easier to repeat) are the good ol' button jewelleries:

The flower earrings I blogged about a few weeks ago:

And the much loved 100s & 1000s jewellery:

I have used recycled mail-outs for the majority of the packaging, that always goes down well and saves me a few bob too!

I also got some super news from work (fact bit: I work in a very big university, it employs around 8000 staff and I'm not sure how many students it has but I expect it's lots! We don't have a staff room, no, we have a staff centre building. It has an eating area, hot food, a licensed bar, and then upstairs there are rooms for various classes, groups (book group etc) and so forth. It's proper good and ting)

they hold a few craft fairs throughout the year in the staff centre, but are hoping this year to hold a Christmas one in the main university entrance building... which is awesome as there will be much more traffic. PLUS - they have asked me to help out - which is great! I am always up for that!

Here are a couple of treats I made this week with resin - I have more ideas up my sleeve so can't sit here blogging forever (sorry and all that)

What do you reckon?
My other plans for the week are to go to the dentist, go to the gallery who have kindly asked to sell my work (yippeeee), see a couple of ex-colleagues to catch up on the goss, and do a bit of networking/publicising. Something that happened this week has given me a right kick up the behind to pull my finger out and get my name known!
Ooh and prepare my stall ideas - I have just bought 3 notice boards and hinges - guess what I'm making...?
Hearts xoxox


Swirlyarts said...

Those rings look great! Where is your fair - I'm doing one on Saturday in Halifax :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those button hairgrips! Are they in your etsy shop?

oh, and good luck with your craft fair- hope it is rockin good fun and super fantastic sales. (you too Swirly!!)

Unknown said...

Thanks - the craft fair is in Saltaire at Victoria Hall.

Most of these items aren't in the Etsy shop yet but will be after this fair - don't want to sell out and then have nothing for my etsy/folksy patrons! x

Littleclouds said...

I like the earrings, they will definitely sell well!
And the rings look really well made & that is soo cute/cool that you are going to hold an craft event at work ! Your stuff is quite suited to uni student age bracket too !!

Anonymous said...

hello rowan, i hope your stall on saturday goes well. i asked them for one too, but they went and lost my form!

mamutopia said...

Wow, I wish there were craft fairs at my work. That would be so cool! :)

Good luck with yours!

Tizzalicious said...

Those rings are so awesome!