Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I arrived at Mum and Dad's at 8.30am today, armed with 3 cork notice boards, small hinges and some screws. Ten minutes later and Dad's rocked up a zig-zaggedy showy thing for my stall on Saturday. Rockin, Dad! I am going to paint it black, just as soon as I get my hands on some paint (scoured Shipley today, but none to be found).

Then we set off to... Silsden!! The quaint little village where the shop requested to sell my work?... Read on...

OK so not a 'shop' per se, it's a gallery (swanky, yeah?), and it's called Projeto. It covers a multitude - Paula, the owner, offers a web design service. The gallery also houses photographic prints and sells handmade jewellery. Paula also intends to sell some craft supplies... and is thinking of offering craft classes. It's all really exciting... and I hope my jewellery sells well there. Here are some photos to wet your whistle...

Paula has now put a jewellery display in the window - where mine will be!

I'm excited about this - hoping to get some of the resin and other bits in there soon, if there's space... they're looking pretty good! I'll have to rethink my packaging a bit, I reckon, some gorgeous stuff in there that puts mine to shame! My recycled efforts keeps my costs down though!

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Hearts xoxox

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Pippa said...

That is soooo exciting! Today isn't such a good day - I'm only able to read two lines of your blog before I have to look away to rest my eyes on something else. It certainly keeps me in suspense! I'm so excited for you :o)