Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winning Top Tips: Literally

Lately I am subject to many questions about how to run a business. Some are quite broad, and some are very, very specific.

How To Fold A Paper Airplane Postcard by Little Alexander on Etsy

If you didn't already know, I work full time and do this as a sideline (I know, I'm a powerhouse). I also do pretty much everything myself, design, make, accounts, copy write, sell and the rest (except graphic design which I leave in the superhands of  But this does mean that I don't really have time to respond individually to each person. So... from now on, questions will be answered publicly, making an audience generated FAQ if you will. So go ahead, ask, and I will give you my personal circumstances and perspective. Awesome!

Anyway, as I was deciding to do this, Moo (those crazy printing people) ran a little competition - to tweet business tips with the hashtag #MooTip.  What I found more astonishing than winning was that my tweet was re-tweeted six times by mainly people who weren't previously following me, and it was favourited by two twitterers.Kapow!


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