Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My brief interruption in service: Austin, TEXAS!

Sorry for the brief interruption in services - I went to Austin in Texas to visit ma cherie Kate (see previous escapades here).  I didn;t say before I went, because I didn't want my home to get tracked down and robbed (not that there's anything to take, nor could it get any more untidy!).

Here's my fortnight in photos:

♥ Making friends:
Sixth Street

Austin Museum of the Weird

♥ Live Music:

KP and the Boom Boom

Party in the Park

Noa Lynne

P Terry's: fresh, organic and whatnot

Pancakes, ham and syrup!

Barbeque ribs picnic!


Capitol Building

Other fun stuff:

 Retro bar arcade!


Party timez

I've fallen in love withe the place and the people, Kate is very happy there, and I hope to go back and visit as soon as I can!


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Marthaamay O_o said...

yeeehah! I love the fun photos!