Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Great Hair Day!

If I ever need to justify why I live in Leeds and nowhere else, this has to be one of the reasons:

GHD HQ on your doorstep! I'm lucky to be on their mailing list as a model and today has been the first chance I have had to get there.  I've modeled before but nowhere quite as glamorous...

I got the the Dalek (big building it's based in) and approached the doors to GHD. Have you ever watched Ugly Betty and thought that no place could actually look like the Meade Offices? Well... it can, and GHD is that place. I felt quite exposed walking to the end of the runway/tunnel to check in with the receptionist.

It turned out I was the only model, how special did I feel? A very professional stylist spent a couple of hours showing a handful of other stylists how to use the GHD products, brushes and various styling irons to create this look they call 'Glamour'. Would you even believe that this is a couple of hours after the session, and they had even brushed my hair a few times to show how the style holds? The Senior Stylist said that the style will also stay in until I wash my hair. Fantastic.


On leaving the stylist asked the receptionist to make sure I'm invited to future sessions because I have great hair and made a great model! Yes! And I also got a bag of GHD goodies to take home! Winner all round.

So now I'm kinda 'all dressed up and nowhere to go'! Anyone want to take me out?



Marthaamay O_o said...

NO way! They brushed it and it's still like that!? Wow.

What goodies did you get? And have you got any tips? Not that I have any GHDs...

Rowan said...

I think they gave me some protection spray and hairsprays. I was hoping for the shine spray and didn't get it you see. Next time I go I will specifically ask for it!

Tips... not really. They put on a ridiculous amount of mousse to make it set, and applied it straight to dry hair until it was soaking and then dried it with a hair dryer, not sure I'd ever do that.

A good tip was spray shine spray onto your hair brush!

It really was for professional stylists and not for DIY, they used two or three different sized straighteners and pinned it all up. NO way you could do it yourself... x