Sunday, 8 August 2010

Reasons for lack of blog posting

Everyone enjoys a photo/visual stimulus in a blog post. However.

My camera has disappeared. Sure, it was shit. Bought back in 2004 or something, 4 megapixels. But I had taken photos of a lovely package sent by Apryl of Meridian Ariel and now they have gone.

So I ordered a camera but the dick 'eds of PC World just didn't bother to tell me it was out of stock, so every day when the porter came into my office and I jumped up and down on my seat, my bouncing efforts were wasted. And precious photo taking time was wasted.

Anyway I have ordered another from Jessops and it's on its way. It's a simple one which seems to have a decent macro function. Hopefully.

Hope I'm back to blogging again soon, and I will re-photo the contents of the package, without wrapping :(



Tizzalicious said...

Oh gah, how annoying. I once waited 2 months for a package from the US, thinking it was stuck at customs. Then I thought it was taking a little TOO long, so I checked the site and it said my order was cancelled. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. A message would be nice!

Hope you will get your new camera soon!

Marthaamay O_o said...

No, not good enough Rowan!
Only kidding.
Hurry up camera, hurry hurry. New camera are F.U.N and kitschy.

Apryl said...

so sorry that this happened to you Rowan... :o( .. I cant find that I took any photos of the parcel I sent though I thought I had.. I think I lost my brain this summer though so it really shouldn't be a big suprise really. I loathe PC World they are terrible...Jessops are ok... hopefully you will have fun gettign to know your new camera soon.