Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wholesales, consignments & a professional photographer... busy week!!

I dropped the package off on Tuesday, they needed more by Wednesday, I got a wholesale order on Thursday, I didn't have time to make any love on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

It's been a super week, KitschenSink wise.

I met with the manager of The Bowery some time ago who wanted to stock KitschenSink on a consignment basis from October to December.  I had been procrastinating for a while... what with the 'illness' in September (which continues...) I kept putting it off. I got my ass into gear though, and dropped off the lovely package there on Tuesday.
I got a phone call on Wednesday. She needed more. The staff went wild for it...

Then on Thursday I met with the owners of Picture This in Bradford, primarily a picture framer that also send a whole load of awesome cool art, that are branching out into selling quality handmade good stuffs.  Picture This made a wholesale order... chamone!

I love how everything looks before I send it off to the stores. All packaged up nice. I am sometimes sad to see it go! It's worthwhile when you see it in the shop though.  A list of stockists is now on the website... click here to squiz.

I've also put a package of lovelies together for Hayley Kidd who is going to do some photography for me. I missed the postman by the whiskers on Thursday, so had to pay for special delivery so she had it one Saturday before the fair closed down. Oh yes... the photos are being taken on location at a fair ground. Think carousels, roller boots and candy floss. I am very excited.

Needless to say, I'm up to my elbows in making mess. Here's a visual stimulus.

Tomorrow I am selling at a little fair in Ripley (Town Hall).  I could do with a lie in.... ah well.  It'll be interesting to sell elsewhere than Leeds and Saltaire!



Pippa said...

This is all so UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING! Congratulations! FOUR shops stocking your stuff! Next on the list is approaching a buyer at Topshop. No, seriously, do it!


Julia said...

Woohoo, exciting Miss Rowan! Your name will be in lights before we know it!